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  Mood: calm
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  Bessie's  Interests
 dancing, singing, acting, making records, performing
the Blues, swing
don't go much
I prefer music
I don't read

 Bessie's Details
married, but separated
Here for:
friends, business
home town:
Chattanooga, Tennessee
body type:
6'/200 pounds
African American
zodiac sign:
proud parent
$1500 per week

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4/27/09 Here are some lyrics to my music...
I've got the blues, I feel so lonely
I'll give the world if I could only
Make you understand
It surely would be grand
I'm gonna telephone my baby
Ask him won't you please come home
'Cause when you're gone, I'm worried all day long
Baby won't you please come home
Baby won't you please come home
I have tried in vain
Ever more to call your name
When you left you broke my heart
That will never make us part
Every hour in the day
You will hear me say
Baby won't you please come home, I mean
Baby won't you please come home
Baby won't you please come home
Cause your mama's all alone
I have tried in vain
Never more to call your name
When you left you broke my heart
That will never make us part
Landlord gettin' worse, I've got to move May the first
Baby won't you please come home, I need money
Baby won't you please come home

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   Bessie's Blurbs

About Me:
Hey. My name is Bessie. My friends call me the Empress of the Blues. I was born on April 15, 1894 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My parents died when I was young. I used to travel with The Moss Stokes Company doing comedy acts but now I make my own music. Everything I've learned about the blues has come from my mentor, Gertrude or Ma Rainey. I've been married twice. I also have a son named Jack. Im very independent and am not afraid to fight. I like to drink home-made gin. I make it myself :) I do a lot of tours for my music. I love blues and swing music. Most of my songs are about my childhood and the difficulties of my life. I have a pretty short temper so beware if you get on my nerves.

Who I'd Like to Meet:
Anyone who enjoys the blues like I do

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Bessie has 153 Friends
Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin

Billy Holiday
Billy Holiday

Dinah Washington
Dinah Washington

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong

Sidney Bechet
Sidney Bechet

Fletcher Henderson
Fletcher Henderson

Gertrude Rainey
Ma Rainey

Bessie's Friend Comments
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  Gertrude Rainey

Apr 30 1810 5:33 AM

Hey Bessie! Your technique is getting better every time I see you. Keep up the hard work honey!

Louis Armstrong

Apr 29 1813 3:24 PM

Hey. When can we get together and make some music? I've got some new ideas that would work beautifully with your voice.
  Aretha Franklin

Apr 28 1805 7:18 PM

Hey Honey. I miss you. How's your boy doing? How is business?
Janis Joplin

Apr 23 1811 6:57 PM

You are my biggest inspiration Bessie. Your music is amazing! I love it!
Billy Holiday

Apr 23 1811 6:26 PM

I haven't seen you in so long. We should get together some time soon. I have a new record coming out soon. I was wondering if you would like to help with a few tracks.
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