""Failure is unimportan. it takes courage to make a fool of yourself""
-Charlie chaplin

  36  years  old

  new york

Last Login: 4/16/1925
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Status: Married
Here for: freinds
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: london, england
Body type: average
Zodiac Sign: aries
Smoke / Drink: maybe :)
Education: not much

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  i don't really have any education so i don't have much to write here. all i want to do with my life is make people luagh and smile, and that doesn't require any education from me.

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i had an amazind day!!!

3/12/20: i love being able to travel to any part of the world to make new movies and do shows to make  adults, children, and just everyone at any age laugh and smile. i believe i have a strong mentality because not many people can stand up in front of the world and make a complete idiot of himself. so im proud of what i do.

9/29/22: today was a stressful day. i was working on this new movie and im not allowed to be talking about this so i cannot reveal its name to you...its confedential. so anyways haha....the people on the set were getting me so frustrated. they wouldn't listen!!! hopefully tomorrow everything goes well :(

8/12/25:well today i was working on this new comic strip at my house, but dont let the word get out because i wanted to surprise my public. if all goes well you should all see some of it soon...i hope you guys enjoy

8/12/28: well today was a bad day....i was performing a peice to an audience at least of 1,000 people and there was this man who wasnt very fond of my jokes. i thought everything was going to be okay and that he wouldn't cause a disturbance, but out of nowhere he started yelling and he threw a shoe at me!! i can't believe he did this, i thought it was just gonna pass over. as a comedian and how i humiliate myself everyday>>ive never been so embarassed
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Charlie's Blurb
About me:

WHAT PEOPLE, WHAT CAn I SAY FOR STARTERS MY NAME IS Charles spenceer Chaplin BUT MY FRIENDS JUST CALL ME Charlie, I USED TO BE CALLED the little tramp. IT WAS FUN BEING IN comedies and making this WONDERFUL CONTRY laugh and smile. i was seen as the greatest comedian of all time. I WAS BORN IN walworth, london, england,  ON april 16 1889. both my mother and father were music hall entertainers  my father was an alcoholic and he didnt keep in touch that much and he died when i was twelve so really all the family i had was my half brother and my mother.un fortunately when i was growing up i had little education. i got married four times and had eleven children between 1919 and 1962.  i am happily married to my fourth wife named oona o'neill and had eight beautiful children. well there is a little bit of information about me want to know more just send me a message......charlie chaplin

Who I'd Like to meet:
shakespeare, buster keaton.

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Louise Brooks

F.scott fitzgerald

enrnest hemingway

Warren g harding

Gloria swanson

bessie smith

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jaN 29 1920 8:OO PM

HEY old chap HOW HAVE YOU BEEN LATELY, AS FOR ME EVERYTHING ig going as it should be.. OH  BY THE WAY I  finally finished a composition.I HOPE YOU can look it up and tell me what you think about it....SO message ME back BECAUSE WE NEED TO HANG OUT SOME DAY....gershwin
louise brooks

  JAN 12  1920 7:00 PM  

DID YOU AND your WIFE HAVE A GOOD TIME at the jazz club, i know i did hahha. so i  I NOTICED YOU two  were arguing, is everything okay between you two??? ANYWAYS IF YOU EVER need to talk to someone...im here for you...louise

f. scott fitzgerald

fEB 28  1920 6:00 AM

heY charles, how is everything going. WHAT YOUV'E BEEN UP TO? I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU BUT YOU havent messeged me back.... i really wanted you to read this idea i had about my next book, so please contact me as soon as possible...fitzgerald
  ernest hemingway

Oct 24  1920 10:11 AM

HEY tramp.... im just leaving you a message to let you know that i finished my new book "the sun also rises" maybe you should read it some time and tell me what you think..if you want KNOW MORE about it JUST conatact  me...ernest
warren g harding

gloria swanson

Sept 10, 1920 5:22 AM

HEY...i love all your work, you are such an amazing comedian. my Wife adores you and i must say i am quite jealous haha. just hit me up so we can talk and meet up some time....warren

sEPT 3,  1920
4:00 AM

wHATS NEW Charlie?AS FOR ME NOT MUCH...maybe we can meet up some time and talk, i really enjoy all of your work. maybe you couls teach me a joke or two......Gloria

bessie smith

sEPT 1  1920 3:35 PM

hey!!! im inviting you and your wife to come down to the jazz club and here me sing one of my newest hits. you love it i promise you, it gets all the people head bopping. if you need anymore information about it just message me back and i will get back to you as soon as i can....bessie

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