"if you tried to give rock another name it would be chuck berry"
"john lennon"

  80 years  old


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playing guitar, softball, twenty questions, chess, croquet, snickers, grape soda.

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Status: Married
Here for: networking/ inspiring other to play rock and roll
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: ST. louis
Body type: 5' 8"
Zodiac Sign: libra
Smoke / Drink: yes
Education: Lawyer

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north coleman elemetary

Graduated: n/a
Student status:n/a


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5/19/09 at the height of my sucsess i was a 30yr old black man singing to mostly white teenage audience. because of my knowledge of the pop market, made ut possible to break color barriers and play for an intergrated audience.

5/21/09 today was an amazing day  i got to meet muddy waters we both rocked out and sang some blues, we also played johnnny b goode together who's next nat king cole.

5/22/09 today i am going to play in blueberry hill i always play their once a month i am really glad the tickets are sold out because that shows how many pepole love my music.

5/24/09 i wish i could go back in time to play with bruce springsteen at the concert for the rock and roll hall of fame in 1995. ahhhhhhhh memories

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chucks  Blurb
About me:

hi my name is charles edward anderson berry, i in my life i had many musical  influences that shaped my musical career, i wrote johnny b goode,maybellene, and memphis. these were my biggest hits. i started out playing with my friends band which was called sir john's trio, which later became know as the chuck berry combo. my music inspired the beatles,and the rolling stones. later on in my career i was the first to be inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame. so if you want to know mor about me then send me a message.

Who I'd Like to meet:
muddy waters, nat king cole, lucille ball, ray charles

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muddy waters

nat king cole

lucille  ball

the beatles the rolling stones john lennon

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muddy waters

hey chuck heard you were a big fan. thats why i added you. send me a message if you want to talk.

nat king cole
hey chuck loving that music of yours kep it up and maybe oneday we will see on stage together.

the beatles

hey chuck we thank you for adding us. we are big fans of your music.

lucille  ball
chuck im sending you a message lol hey i heard that i am your favorite comedian. maybe one day will shoot a commercial or something ehhh

john lennon
hey chuck thatnks for the add see if you wnat to jam one day.

the rolling stones

thank you for the add chuck were big fans we were wondering can we play johnny b goode at our next show as a cover.

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