"I shall be glad when we have the hazardds of its navigation behind us."
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My intrests would be flying airplanes

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University College London
London, GB
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June 25, 1930= i finaly set a speed record.  i set the womens speed record for 100 killometers  and no load,  ive been setting many records now.  not only are they womens but many mens as well. ive been working on my speed and my times and they are turning out really well.  going far is a big thing for me because im trying to set goals for myself and be a bigger impact on the women and let them know they can do whatever they set thier mind to no matter what. all it takes is trying and hard work,   oh and maybe a little practice.

May 20-21, 1932= i accieved the most important record.  I was the first woman to fly accross the atlantic solo. it took me 14 hours and 56 minutes. i got awarded the distinguished flying cross. that was a great achievement and i got an award for something i love doing.  later on i also set a record from flying coast to coast. the record was 17 hours. i was exstatic when i found out that i finally did it.

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I was born July 24 in 1897.  i'm from ATchinson kansas. Im all about flying airplpanes and bing an independent woman and having fun.  the danger of it is what gives me a kick.  i love being thrilled and tring things most women wouldn't before.  For example im the first woman to fly an airplane.  I love flying its great. i have quiet a number of siblings and my family  is very close. me and my sister muriel went to private schools.  Even when i was little i was very interested in flying airlplanes and the way they work. My first major accomplishment was when i was the first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean. I set many records in my life time . my biggest goal was to fly  accross  the red sae to india. at the end of world war 1 i attended college to become a doctor.

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  paul mantz

Aug 31 2007 6:56 PM

hey ameilia  hows the flying going for you? if y0u ever need anything just come by and i will fix up the planes for you. i heard about the new record you set for flying accross the atlantic good job.  your doing great keep up the great work.
wright brothers

Aug 12 1940 7:00 PM
hey we just found out about the derby. good job. hope all ends well in the upcomming events

rosa parks

Sept 15 1940 6:30 PM

i think it's great that a woman took over a job like this.
it takes patience and work and you pulled it off great.  you risked so much.  it's also great to hear the amount of awards you have recived and how many records you set and broke. all froma woman.
  george putnam

Oct 24 1937 10:11 AM

we need to go out and fly the planes again. i got some new engines that we can test and see if they work right. if they do you can use them and see how they work out fo r you
fred noonan

Sept 10, 1936 5:22 AM
hey ameilia we should really start planning your next getway.  i already set up the plane and it's ready to go.  Just let me know when you are free so we can work on your flying records and goals. just let me know when you are availible to work ok

sept 11, 1936

you are inspiration all around the world to us women.  you give us hope that we can also do men's things and work just as hard as men do.  it gives us hope and strength to try as hard as we possibly can. keep up the good work and all the high records you have set. your an amazing person who knows what she wants in life.

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