"we cannot always build the future of our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

  127  years  old

Hyde park,
     nEw york

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Status: Married
Here for: helping the people
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: new york
Body type: 6' 1"
Zodiac Sign: Leo
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Education: newspaper editor/law

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harvard universityl
and columbia law school
Graduated: JD civil law
Student status: Graduate
Degree: Lwa degree


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10/29/1933:thank you all for electing me to be your president

11/8/1933: the new deal will help you all from the trouble you guys are in. it will help all the unemployed workers.all you wont have to worry anymore. im here to help.

9/29/1934: well for all the elderly we have established the social security to help you out when you get very ill and sick. we promise economic security so you wont have to worry  on problems in the future.

9/ 1/ 1939
: The start of another war begins. world war 2. but we will win this war.
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About me:

my name is franklin d. roosevelt, but also known as fdr. i was born on january 30th on 1882 at hyde park,new york .     my duty here is to help as best as i can as president. i will bring you all hope so you all wont have to worry in the crises thats going on today. you all can count on me to bring everything back to normal.

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theodore roosevelt

eleanor roosevelt

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dorothea lange

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albert einstein

walt disney

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theodore roosevelt

Aug 31 1933 6:56 PM

Congratulations on winning president.i know you will help the united states to come up from these hard times.

eleanor roosevelt

sept  2 1933 6 : 00 pm

what did i tell you about being on the computer before dinner. you're always on this thing. time to get off.

john steinbeck

Sept 15 1933 2 :38 PM

hey mr. president, well how about one day me and you get together for some coffee and talk about writing a book about you becoming the president.well how bout it.get back to me about the idea.

dorothea lange

mar 9 1936 8 : 48 am

 I want to thank you for doing the best you can to get us out of the depression. And wanting to help us out on these hards times.

you rock!!!!!

walt disney

    mar 29 1936 5 : 46 am

    well how are  doing mr. president. wellas for me good. i ust wanted to see how your doing with all these president stuff i bet its hard. but we all know you can bring us up from all this. well talk to you later mr. president.

albert einstein

may 6 1936 5 : 12 pm

well mr. president we should come up with an invention. it would be a good idea to be safe if theres anohter war on the way. how bout it?


sept  5  1939 7:30 pm

you all will go down. we will win this war. you       can try to stop us but we're way to good for you to even try!

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