"Life is a lot like jazz, it's best when you improvise.”

  28  years  old

          New York

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the art of painting and the art of music composition.

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Status: single
Here for: the music
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: brooklyn
Body type: 6'1"
Zodiac Sign: libra
Smoke / Drink: No/ ...maybe...
Education: high school (almost)

Kristen's Schools
I should be discussing my education here, but i dont think its necessary. really. i just want to wirte music.

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3/24/24: ITS FInished! i have finished rhapsody in blue! boy was that a challenge.. =p

1/24/24: So today was the day-- ira and i worked on "lady be good together". the music was good, but even after all these years-- i still think my brother is rediculously lazy!

12/13/23: happy (almost) haunuka!<--spelled wrong? possibly. i'm a musician, not an english major! anywwho, i got the 1st of my 8 gifts, message me to find out what it was... no, i can't wait to say it. i got a metronome!! eeehhh yeaahhh!!!! =]

5/7/23: First blog! wow, having a historyspace is crazzzyyy! so, i finished "swanee"-- and it seems to be a hit. well its a hit now. okay, i lied. i finished a tad early. like 3 years ago. but whatever! its a hit! neato! =D

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About me:

about myself, eh? well, my name is george! w00t w00t. i really enjoy writing music; almost as much as a love playing it! my brother ira is a great musician too-- but hes lazy as heck! anywho, i hope he doesnt read this =P but i'm sure he will! haha. my philosophy about music-- i believe that great achievements follow when you are doing something you love-- not just work rediculously hard at. if you love it, you understand it better, and you care about it more. then the hard work passes by as if you didn't do a single thing.  p.s. maxie and i-- bffs! =]

Who I'd Like to meet:
tchaicovsky or bach-- my musical heroes!

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  maxie rosenzwieg

  jan 1 1925 6:56 PM

so uh, my brother's having a little bar mitzvah party. wondering if you'd play. maybe write something. hit me up? 
Frances gershowitz

  dec 12 1924 7:20 PM  

ugh, i still don't see why you and ira call yourselves the "gershwin" brothers. aren't you proud of your wonderful jewish heritage? i mean, you both have the nose and everything.

ira gershwin

Sept 15 1924 6:30 PM

alright dude, as much as it pains my pride to ask you a musical question.. when writing a peice.. and its in E concert-- is it wrong to write in any flats? idk if that's poor musicianship. answer asap.
  frances gershowitz

sept 1 1924 10:11 AM

ma wants you home for the holidays. i know its early notice, but i'll remind you once a month 'til then. musicians are forgetful old fools. love ya =]
ira gershwin

jan 31, 1924 12:22 PM

Why must you always bomb me on your page?
seriously, stop! or i'll kick your little jewish butt!
by the way-- "lady be good" was a pretty huge success so far. probably because i helped you write it.

may 8, 1923 12:31 AM

oh my gosh like its youuu!!!! i had noooo idea like omg omg omg!!!! i just sent you that generic "welcome to myspace" thing from a master acccount.. im like your biggest fan!!!!! omg dude like.. comment me back... like... i wanna tell all of m friends that we talked!! eeee!! *giggles like schoolgirl*

-Tom :)


may 7, 1923 12:22 PM
welcome to myspace  "GERshwin"! don't forget to try myspace im with skype!

-tom :)

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