Grover Cleveland Alexander
"Less than a foot made the difference between a hero and a bum"

 73 years old
Elba, Nebraska

Last Login: 5/1/2009
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    Alexander's Interests
Music anything you can drink to
Movies anything wit baseball
Television baseball games
Books books are for nerds

     Napoleon's Details
Status: divorced
Here for: retired so got nuthin better to do
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Elba Nebraska
Body type: 6'1" / Athletic
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: Christian - other
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Smoke / Drink: No /Of course
Children:  not for me
Education: highschool
Occupation: HOF pitcher
Income: not enough

   Napoleon's Schools
Elba High School
Elba, Nebraska
Graduated: 1905
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School diploma

1901 to1905

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 June 12,1907- wellguess wat?two day i got hit in the head wit a baseball ithurt like hell. i was out for two whole days and wen i woke up i was seenin double but u knoe wat im not gunna letthis slow me down no matter how long it takes i will play baseball again.

April 15, 1911- omg i cant believe it i made my MLB debut today it was just great it was all i thought it was gunna be and more. if today was any indication then im gunna have a pretty good career i think

October 10, 1926-whoooo world champs baby yea i hella struck out tonyLazzeri and then after that i keep the yankees with out another runs yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

1938- well i've just been told that im gunna be in th HOF. i knoe that this is a great honor and not a lot of people can say they are in the HOF. so im really happy that im being honored with such a great  honor

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   Alexander's Blurbs
About me:
  Hey wats up? im Grover Alexander and if u dont knoe bout me well im here to tell you. i was born in Elba, Nebraska and i was on of 13 kids, i knoe ma parents were real busy huh? well i played baseball in my youth and that continue till i sign a semi-pro contract in 1907.then in 1910 i was sold to the phillies for $750 and in my rookie year i got a rockie record 28  wins. impressed? yea i would be 2. then from 1912 to 1920 i led the league in ERA 5 times, wins 5 times, inninngs 6 times, strikeouts 6 times,complete games 5 times, shutouts 5 times and if that wasnt enough i also won the triple crown 4 times, which goes to the pitcher who leads the league in ERA,wins,and strikeouts. for some reason in 1917 the phillies sold me to the cubs where i stayed till 1926 when i was sold to the cardinals. that year the cards were won the pennant  and met the yankees in the world series. i pitched 2 complete games in games 2 and 6 and of course we won both games. then in game 7 i went in the 7th inning and helped get the win and championship for the cards. i finally left major league baseball in 1930 after i short stint with the phillies agian and i was finaly done with baseball in 1938. well thats me if u want to knoe more then hit me up.
Who I'd like to meet:
Ronald Reagan

played me in a movie about my life and i think he went into polotics

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Amiee Arrant
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Apr 30 1810 5:33 AM

Hey, just want to come by and show ur page some love

thanks.jpg thxs image by akiem_syed

u knoe for help add that championship to uor team

Apr 29 1813 3:24 PM

Hey man sorry we had to trade to the cards maybe if we didnt we would have had to wait so long for a championship :(SAD.jpg Sad image by TheWoodenBlock

reagan_ronald_cp_5914470.jpg 40. Ronald Reagan image by JESSETENORIO
Apr 28 1805 7:18 PM

Dude, thanks for leting me play you in the movie. did you really drink that much or was that just for the movie cuz if u do then we should get together and party.drunk.gif drunk image by jishyfishy
T.alexander Rex


Apr 23 1811 6:57 PM

hey man wat up? just wanted to come by a say dat was a great pitch you threw to stike me out. also wanted to congradulate you on being inducted into the HOF congrats.jpg congrats image by lenasandoval


Amiee Arrant
sexy-icon-editedit.jpg image by findstuff22
Apr 23 1811 6:26 PM

just wanted to say than you for adding me

ThanksForAdd.jpg Thanks For The Add image by nahlidge

hey were having a bbq with all the players from your era. eveyone is gunna be there Babe, ty cobbs, lou gehrig and all kinds more hope you come by

hey babe how you doing? heard you go into the HOF  sounds like you doing pretty good for your self now well thats all i wanted to say  okay bye

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