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killing jews
owning the world

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4/20/09: Its my Birthday. I can not believe another Year went by. It happened so fast.

4/1/40: Denmark and Norway fell so easily. Using Blitzkrieg was the best choice that I ever did. Attacking quick and not giving them a chance to figure out what is going on is great. I am such a military genius. I am going to take over the entire world this way.

9/29/39: I know this was going to work. I sent troops to sit on the boarder with France and guess what. The French thought I was going to attack through the forest. The French are so dumb. I can't believe that they thought I was going to attack through the Maginot Line. That thing is a fort. There is no way I would waste my men or time trying to get thought that. I would much rather go through countries that are just going to let me go through them like Belgium and the Netherlands. Those two are such pushovers. I look at them funny and they get out of my way. It is awesome. I rock.

8/12/36: I think I want to reunite all of the German speaking people. That way we are all together and Nationalism is a great thing. We can all be from the same place and have the same ideas. Isn't it great?

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About me:
I like to take over other countries. I always get my way because the other major countries think what I am doing is just and I have the right to do it.eading I started out as a young artist who never really understood pain and happiness until I decided to take over Germany and be the leader of the country. I worked hard in WWI and received a couple of medals but I really used the experience to prepare me for what I wanted which was to lead Germany and to restore its place as a dominate country in the world. I was unfortunately arrested and in jail I wrote Mein Kampf which I used to set forth my ideas to take over the world. Mainly I used it to justify the killings of the Jews because they are not good people.

Who I'd like to meet: Einstien, Jesus, Jesse Owens, anyone that is Jewish or non-Aryan. So I can kill them!!!! Lenin and Marx, to thank them for the ideas of complete rule!!

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Aug 31 2007 6:56 PM

Hey Hitler add me to your friends. Please!!! I killed a lot of people to and I hate the Jews

Aug 12 1940 7:00 PM  

So when do we get to invade Poland  together? Just let me know! I'm really glad we're working together on this


Sept 15 1940 6:30 PM

Hey Hitler! You better stop invading these countries. I don’t really want to get into the war but trust me I am not afraid to if I have to. Trust me I mean what I say when I tell you: DON�T INVADE ANYMORE COUNTIRES!!!! We will be watching you.

Oct 24 1937 10:11 AM

I am going to ignore that comment by the Austrians. They don't know how nice of a people we are. We also just want to follow you lead Hitler. I look up to you so much, I want to get an empire just like you. I am thinking about invading Ethiopia like you suggested. That would make a lot of sense because they beat us up about 40 years ago. I believe we lost to a bunch of spear throwing people. I mean we are Italians we know how to drive and we are just as good as Germans. Keep in touch. Oh yeah are you going to Stalin's party this weekend?

Sept 10, 1936 5:22 AM

Hitler, thank you so much! We are so glad that all Germans are united again. Now we don't have to deal with the dumb Swiss trying to talk to us anymore. Plus the Italians, man they can't drive. What ever you do don't deal with them.

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