39 years  old

Atlanta, geogia,
united states

born: januaty 15, 1929

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civil disobedience

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Status: Married
Here for: african civil rights movement
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: atlanta, geogia
Body type: 5' 8"
Zodiac Sign: capricorn
Smoke / Drink: No / No
Education: clergyman, activist

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morehouse college
atlanta, georgia
Graduated: from morehouse college
Student status: Graduate
Degree: B.A. degree in Sociology


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12/1/55: today we went for a trip to help the cilvil rights movement. i lead the montgomery bus boycott. Rosa parks asked me if i would like to lead and i gladly told her i would.

1/12/57:i helped with the southern christian leadership coference (SCLC). this was an american civil rights organization. i was the first president of this oraganization. i think i should get my own office.

8/28/63:thanks to the efforts i made it led to the march on washington.this is where i gave my speech "i have a dream".i did my speech at the lincoln memorial during the march.this march was under the theme "jobs, justice, and peace" ithink this march helped out a lot with the civil rights movement.

7/12/64: i am so excited to get the nobel peace prize. another exciting thing is that i am  the first youngest person to to get his prize. i fot this prize for working hard to end racial segregation and racial descrimination through civil disobedience.

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About me:

i was born  on january 15, 1929.i was the son  of the reverend Martin luther king, sr. and aberta williams king. i have an older sister and a younger brother. the high school i attendede was dbooker t. washington high school.i skipped 9th and 12th grade and entered morehouse college. i graduated and entered boston unversity and graduated from there too. I got marries to a pretty lady named Coretta scott and had some kids. So here i am now helping the people with civil rights.

who i would like to meet:
jesus, different colored people or races w/out problems

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  John f kennedy

Aug. 9, 1960   11:08AM

It was nice to meet you and hopefully you get to accomplish your goal. Keep it up and don't give up.
rosa parks

jan. 1, 1957

I wanted to thank you for helping me with the montgomery bus boycott. a lot of people were in it and did a great job to fight for our rights. well then, thank you again for leading the bus boycott: it helped us out a lot.

Sept 15 1940 6:30 PM

So even though i am really smart and greated the atomic bomb i wish i hadn't. that is going to cause so many deaths if it is ever used. iF there were an easier way to solve wars


Oct 24 1959 10:11 AM
i think that i could help you some other time with a march or something. Since i taught you a little abouty my toughts and my religion.
harriet tubman

Sept 10, 1936 5:22 AM

Come on ride the train, to freedom YEAH!!! Go non violent protest!!!!!
 you rock!!!!!

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