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like to attend  to  baptist missionary in Angolia

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Status: divorced
Here for: friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Body type: 5' 5 1/2"
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Smoke / Drink: NEITHER its bad for my health!
Education: Bachelor of Arts degree from Peabody College

Kristen's Schools
hume-fogg high school
Nashville, Tennessee
Graduated: yes i did : )
Student status: graduate
Degree: bachelor of arts


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6/29/08: heres what happend today i went out to coney island and i ran into this police officer that was really into photography and we started talken (but not in the get together way) and he said he can help create my first portfolio. YAY!!

7/14/08   ok well jerry and i finally finished my porfolio i looks so geat i'll see if i can post the pictures.

7/16/08  nope srry i cant i'v tried and tried and tried but i cant. srry people maybe you'll see them when i get famouse lol. but really.

11/01/08  ok so jerry has been taking me to these places like camra clubs and mens hobbyist groups and after a while my career has really been takeing off. im am doing sooo good! i can't believe how far i'v gotten. Im so HAPPY!!! im in so many magazines and everything

1/12/09  well hue hefner wanted me to come and take some pictures and  they said i was one of the earliest playmates of the month for playboy magazine. how exciting!

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About me:

hello my name is bettie mae page my favorite thing to do is to pose in front of the camra. i was one of the most photograghed in my era. but this was not something that i dreamt about since i was a little girl. i actually went to college to being a teacher but then there was a change of plans i then switched careers i wanted to pursue in becoming an actress. After i divorced my first husband billy neal three years later i was walking along coney island and i met the man who got my career started jerry tibbs. he created my first portfolio. he then introduced me to camra clubs, mens hobbiest groups. and since then i have never been any happier in my whol career. I dont think my career can get any better than this.

Who I'd like to meet: tyra banks, pamela anderson, carmen electra, dior christian, dolce and gabbana, angelina jolie, leonardo diCaprio, johnny depp

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marlyn monroe

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rosa parks

Dr.jonas salk

hue hefner

johnny cash

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  july 5,2008 4:20pm

Hey there i just wanted to tell you that my new song Thats all right is out on raido!!! so try to catch the song i think this is one of my best ones so far. Oh yeah how are you??? ok so get back to me to let me know what you think.
dr.joans salk

April 12, 2008  7:59 aM  

hey bettie i just wanted to inform you that i had succeeded in making the polio vaccine. so if you or your possibal children  in the future need one let me know i will be  more than happy to give you a shot

myrlin monro

  aug 29,2009 9:45 am

hey darling how have you been??? i have been doing wonderful i hope you are too.  have you seen my movie yet?? i think im getting more fans but i cant forget that my fans are the ones who made me a star

  johnny cash

feb 26,2009 12:44 pm
hey there darlin :  )
             hey have you been checken " i walk the line" i'v been number one for 43 weeks already thats pretty neat huh?? you have heard it rite?? because that would be sad if you haden't lol. you should come and visit me sometime we can chill, play some music ect....

hue hefner

april 9, 2009 5:22 pM

bettie what you up to??? well ya im just here chillin with my girls. you should come again and take some more pictures. well let me know okay . hey get back to me because your last pic was very good who knows what the next picture can bring.

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