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Leaving the Presidency in 1909, Roosevelt went on an African safari, then jumped back into politics.

1912 he ran for President on a Progressive ticket.

In  1909  after leaving the White House he tocred Africa and Europe and retuened to the USA a year later.

In 1912, having been denied renomination by the Repulican party, roosevelt ran on as a third party candidate.
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teddy roosevelt

About me:

He was born in New York City in 1858 into a wealthy family. teddy roosevelt the youngest President in the Nation's history.
He won the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the Russo-Japanese War, reached a Gentleman's Agreement on immigration with Japan, and sent the Great White Fleet on a goodwill tour of the world.

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woodrow wilson

last night was awesome we should party again.....
calvin coolidge

Aug 12 1940 7:00 PM  

 last nights speach was very good......   
way go  teddy...                                                                                                                      

william howard taft

Sept 15 1940 6:30 PM

ur wifes cooking is great when is the next time your going to invite me over again...
herdert hoover

Oct 24 1937 10:11 AM

we need to talk call me later.......
grover cleveland

Sept 10, 1936 5:22 AM

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