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24 years old

Home of the free,
United States
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Movies Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima
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Status: Single
Here for: Protection
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: home of the free
Body type: 5' 9" / Average
Ethnicity: all ethnicities
Religion: all Religion:
Education: Military School
Occupation: protect and serve
Income: 999999999

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Camp pentleton
San diego, Ca
Graduated: 1775
Student status: Alumni


1775 to present

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9/11/01: Today was one of the worst days in American history. Terrorists hijacked 4 planes and 2 crashed into the World Trade Center. 1 of the planes crashed into the pentagon and the last one crashed in the middle of no where. This is a very tragic day for the entire United States of America.

9/20/01: We have just found out that there were 1,402 people in tower number 1 of the world trade center and 614 people on tower 2 We still have people looking for bodies under all the debris from the two towers collapsing. We are pretty sure that they will find much more bodies.

1/1/02:It has been about 3 months sense 9/11 and we are all trying to put it behind us. President Bush has now announced that we will go to war with Iraq. We are going to  be there for quite a while. It is what needs to be done if we want to protect our country.

11/30/06: Today we handed Saddam Hussein to some Iraqi executioners. He was then hung in front of many people. He refused to have a hood over his head to cover his eyes. 

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About Us:
Our job is simple. During war we are the first to fight and the last to leave. We remind ourselves everyday of our families back home and we sacrifice our lives to protect them. everyday we realize how lucky we are to live in a free country and we do whatever we can to protect our freedom. Not everyone is willing to fight for their own country like we do, it is a way to show our honor and pride to our country.
Who I'd like to meet:
Mr. Locke I took over the world quick, I am Jesus.

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Apr 30 1810 5:33 AM

hey whats up  havent talked to you in a while hows it going? you still looking for that osama kid dam hes a pain

Apr 29 1813 3:24 PM

hey i need a favor do you think you can send some of your Marines over here were kinda short on men plus we dont want those danm pirates taking over
  National Guard

Apr 28 1805 7:18 PM

good luck out there. our thoughts and prayers are with the troops fighting for our country.
Uncle Sam

Apr 23 1811 6:57 PM

hey hows the military treating you? uhhh i was wondering do you think i could barrow some money im kinda broke rite now well come you no how it is

Apr 23 1811 6:26 PM

OMG!!! did you hear the good news? im THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ok i gotta go the wifes calling me
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