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covering the story. finding the truth, and exposing those who need to be expsed.
cover the storythe story
the story

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Here for: reveal the story
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: washington d.c/geneva, illinois
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius/aries
Education: journalist

university of mayland/yale university

Graduated: no/yes
Student status:n/a

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june 17, 1972//today woodward called a friend in the fbi for some information. no one really knows who it was just that he goes by the name of deep throat.

jan. 1973//woodward had a meeting with deep throat today. gave him some information. but some minor details he would not let me right everthing down.

march 1973//woodward and bernstein are gettin gready to reaveal the story behide the burglary.

july 1973//woodward has another call with deep throat. writes things down. and learns more.

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about me:
these two men are woodward and bernstein. woodward was born feb. 14, 1944 in washington D.C. bernstein was born march 26, 1943 in geneva, illinois. woodward began school at the universtiy of mayland but dropped out to work full time as a jounalist. bernstein attended yale university on a naval reserve officers trainning caps (rotc) scholarship. both later joined the washington post. they were assigned to cover a story on the burglary of the watergate hotel which five men were arrested for. together the untook a series of investigative reports that revealed connections between the burglary and crimes that implicated nixon and later forced his resignation.

Who i'd like to meet:
cover the storycover the story

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deep throat

wategate hotle

washington post

william  hearst barbara  walters harry  reid

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president nixon

wood ward and bernstein you guys had no right...
it was not your business..
you guys will go down..
if not now then soon..

Deep throat

hey woodward.. it was good working with you
glad you got what you needed..
ever need anything just give a call.

watergate hotel

hey you guys thanks for exposing the truth of our break in.
the watergate thanks you ..
we should have lunch.
give us a call we'll set something up.

barbara walters

hey you guys nice to finally see the truth come out.
covering the story is good
keep doing what you two do best.
you work good together.

george w. bush

hello woodward and bernstein ive been doing some research
and ive noticed that you would like to meet.
we should set something up
give my secratary a call.

it was nice having you both on the post.
you helped bring the truth out..
the post would like to thank you and repay you by lunch.
give us a call you know the number...

washington  post

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